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Energy saving, safety and high efficiency are the design concepts of UN products


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Established for over 40 years

With a national network of branches and a UK wide customer base that we have grown with and helped make their operations thrive with the best materials handling expertise in the sector.

What makes the UN forklift different?

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Driver Comfort

Built with a floating suspension cab and large floor space providing a more spacious and comfortable environment for the operator and improves longevity of the truck itself.

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Multiple Safety Features

Built on the more rugged IC chassis, with tilt rams hidden therefore removing trip hazards for the operator when embarking and alighting the vehicle.

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Efficient & Economical

Advising customers for sometime on fuel transition due to increase in cost of trucks due to new engines / DPF issues encountered in low use application.

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Reduce Carbon Footprint

We at Lithium Battery Solutions understand the challenges faced by customers with the introduction of stage V engine emissions criteria and rising fuel costs.


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