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Why Choose Our Battery Solutions

Lithium Battery Solutions was established to present the best lithium-ion batteries to the materials handling market. We have a dedicated team of experts who will guide you every step of the way.

Designed to keep your operation running efficiently.

Low to Zero Maintenance

Lithium-ion batteries come equipped with cells that are sealed so you don't have to wash or add water to keep the batteries operational, which reduces maintenance costs.


Lower Your Energy Costs

Testing has shown our batteries consume 30% less energy when moving 200 pallets weighing 2,500 pounds each, thus reducing your electric bill and conserving energy as well as reducing overall operations costs.


Reduce overall carbon footprint

Lithium-ion batteries contain no toxic lead or acid and don't release explosive gases when charging. Say goodbye to noxious fumes with a clean system built for the modern working environment.


Efficient and Fast Charging

Operations running a 3-shift model can completely eliminate the cost of stand-by batteries (standard practice when using lead acid based batteries). Charge on the go to keep operations running.