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Battery Technology

We are a UK importer of BSLBATT forklift lithium ion batteries, one of the most efficient and cost-effective battery solutions for you materials handling conversion to lithium. 

The UN Forklift Range

We are the first UK importer of UN Forklifts, one of the best lithium alternatives available. We are also leaders in the conversion of trucks of brands such as Doosan and Still.

Service & Aftercare

We have hired and trained a team of forklift specialists exclusively to support customers with their lithium-ion conversions. Our sales and service team are here to help.

Get In Touch 

We aim to offer as much information about our products as possible - if you want to discuss your needs and find out more, get in touch with the team today.


Interested in upgrading your fleet?

In recent years, with the global emphasis on carbon emissions, our manufacturer UN Forklift has vigorously promoted the research and development of new energy forklifts, and has successively launched popular models such as diesel converted lithium-ion and standard lithium-ion batteries forklift trucks. 

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Get in touch!

Ready to start your journey?

Our lithium battery and materials handling sales and service teams are the very best in the industry and are happy to provide more information in our products and aftercare.